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    "What if life really is meant to thrive... to live in the joy of every moment? Wouldn’t it be a tragedy to miss that?” - Skip Ross

    Series Overview:
    THRIVE is a 7 session series, distilled from the philosophies and ideas of the Dynamic Living seminar by Skip Ross. Focused on exploring vital as...


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    As children, we have a great capacity to imagine the best about life. We believe that we are capable of winning. We think we are invincible to our opponents, and we are not afraid to risk dreaming and hoping that our deepest desires will become realities. Somehow, as we grow and experience more o...

  • INTRO Bundle

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    You are invited to start the journey of THRIVE here. Why do you experience fear? Is balance in life even possible? Are goals and dreams worth fighting for? Where does your self-image come from? THRIVE will begin the journey towards the discovery of answers to some of these questions. Enjoy this i...

  • JOY Bundle
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    JOY Bundle

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    When a father and daughter are faced with the reality that their plans have fallen apart, will they choose to be defeated or decide to be happy and make the best of it? How can we "choose to be happy" when we are guaranteed to have problems? What is the true meaning of joy? In this session, Skip ...

  • FEAR Bundle

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    A little boy, plagued by his fear, is forced to decide if he will let his fear rule him or if he will overpower his fear. Where do our fears and worries come from? Is taking action enough to conquer our anxiety, or is there something stronger that can overpower our fear? In this session, Skip exp...

  • BALANCE Bundle

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    A young girl makes a decision that put her life out of balance. Will she be able to see the mistake before it's too late? How do we live a well-adjusted life when there are so many worthwhile pursuits constantly demanding our attention? In this session, Skip explores the answer to this question.

  • VISION Bundle

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    When faced with an important baseball game, a young boy must step up to the plate and keep his eye on the ball. Is there a way to set and manage goals effectively that will aid in their successful completion? In this session, Skip explores the answer to this question.

    - This bundle includes ...


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    Two boys find that persistence can be challenging, but in the end, will it be worth the effort? How do we overcome disappointments, detours, and distractions that we will encounter on our way to becoming what we are created to be? In this session, Skip explores the answer to this question.


  • IMAGE Bundle

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    With a dream of being a hero, one little girl must hold tight to that dream in the face of doubt and rise to the challenge when it comes. If the way we see ourselves affects everything we do, then how do we begin to change that image into something better? In this session, Skip explores the answe...

  • WORTH Bundle

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    When his school crush just won't seem to notice him, a young boy decides to win her heart by proving his worth. But will it work out in the end? How can we pull away from the broken system of comparison, competition, and blame? Is there a better way to define our worth? In this session, Skip expl...

  • FACILITATOR Training Bundle

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    How do you properly facilitate a THRIVE seminar or small group? This video highlights some key points to make the experience more effective for you and the attendants. Also, the PDF booklet that is included adds even more support by clarifying the course structure, tips on how to use the material...